Network Statistics (Core and Distribution Switches)

(Graphs automatically update every 10 minutes)

Cisco 6509 (Vespasian)

Cisco 6509
Cisco 6509 Layer 3 switch (Backbone)

Computing Center Switches

Remus (17.60)
Flavia (17.61)

Network Segments and Distribution Switches

Engineering (Domitian) (22.50)
Engineering (Titus)(2.253)

HSC (Vitellius)(7.129)
SR2 (Trajan)(6.65)
Architecture (Commodus)(4.65)
SR1 (Sabina)(6.187)
Social Work Building (Nerva)(4.197)
T and T2 (Hadrian) (7.65)
Pescennius-CHC-590-248 (3.129)(CHC)
UHMN596_1 (22.1)
Romulus (22.14)
Remus Jr (22.20)
Elagabulus_509_116c (Library) (22.33)

Fleming (Otho) (7.60)
Optometry (Aelius) (5.138)
Galba (PGH)(7.60)

Heyne Building (Clodius)(254.94)
McElhinney Building (Marcus-M-588)(22.151)
E Cullen Building (Severus)(22.156)

Agnes Arnold Hall (578)(9.35)
Communications Building
Several Smaller Segment (1.250)
Residential Life and Housing (RLH)
Cullen Oaks
Bayou Oaks (145.51)

Computing and Telecommunication Services at University of Houston
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