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Router Statistics
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UH Internet traffic

UH routers traffic statistics

Domitillia (Cisco 7206)(22.227)

Internet paths

ATM: PVC 2: PVC between UH Main campus and UH Clear Lake
ATM: PVC 7: Uplink to UH-Victoria Router

ATM: PVC 5: iBGP to UHCL (Sarmatian)
ATM: PVC 6: Primary PP to UHCL BGP

GE 0/3 iBGP (Routers outside campus FW)(Cornelia F3/48)

Cisco: CPU Utililization (5 minute average)

BGP summaries: BGP count (AboveNet and Verio-SBC paths) (Domitillia)

Saturn (Cisco 7206) (22.228)

Additional WAN links

ATM: PVC 803: Verio via the Texas Gigapop

G 0/1 Uplink to Caesar-2 (3/2)
G0/3 iBGP for routers outside UH Central Campus firewall(Caesar-2) (6/46)

Cisco 7206VXR: CPU Utililization (5 minutes average)
Cisco 7206VXR: Percentage of Memory Available
Cisco 7206VXR: Temperature readings
Cisco 7206VXR: CPU and temperature threshold logs

BGP summaries: BGP count Verio (Gigapop and SWB paths) (Saturn)

Julia (22.226)

Serial Port 1/0 Harwin Facility, (Pkt Drop) (Round trip time)
Serial Port 1/4 Small Business Development Center T1 (1.544Mbps)
Serial Port 1/5 Austin Offices T1 (1.544 Mbps)

Remote Routers

(Cross check of local routers and remote campus Ethernet statistics)

Remote Routers: Remote Routers

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